My Cute New Renaissance Café Site!

I love all things Renaissance and romantic, so it seems fitting to put together a website like this to indulge in my whimsies. I am going to attempt a delicate design for the background to keep things in the mood. And, if I find lilting music that grabs my fancy (like on YouTube), I’ll make sure to add such videos here add to the mood! Some tunes that have really haunted me for a number of years include the mystical sounds by Loreena McKennitt. She’s positively magical with the Celtic harp and her amazing voice.

For example, have a listen to this song, one of my favorites by her, The Lady of Shalott, Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poem set to her music. If he were alive today to hear his poetry set to this tune, I’m 100% certain that he would enthusiastically approve. It’s 11:30 minutes long, so sit back and relax, and let this piece take you back to a different time and space.